Nation dating

04-Apr-2020 04:16

If you’ve ever been single, you know that the whole dating thing is all about attraction.

We build attraction online, in-person, in an instant and over time – and it’s a fickle beast!

“Dating is an inner game,” he says, but instead of searching from the inside out, we’ve been taught to approach it from the outside in, to accommodate ourselves to the mating market by making ourselves into something we’re not.HEM: There is always a tug-of-war with life, not just in the dating realm but in every domain.Do I lead with my strengths or do I devote my time to remedying my weaknesses?In order to find like-minded matches for our members looking for dates and relationships, we find out what exactly you think you’re looking for.

Here’s the nitty gritty of what we found: When it comes to striking plumage, women are more likely to be attracted to dark brown haired gents (19%) followed by those with lighter shades of brown (17%), black (15%) and blonde (13%).

The outside-in approach is misleading and damaging although it is recommended by most dating advice, which asks people to make themselves more attractive.