On liquidating

18-Jul-2020 08:42

It is this experience that helps us achieve the best recoveries on liquidation portfolios.

Receivables Control Corporation offers a wide range of customized services to complement our clients' in-house credit and collection efforts.

They may use an overall discount for the store or tailor discounts for each department.

They may insist you re-price your inventory or apply a percentage discount storewide.

Receivables Control offers professional credit strategies and support to businesses in need of liquidation services.

As credit professionals in the asset recovery industry for almost 5 decades, we are a valuable resource to clients navigating through the liquidation process.

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They may send you a package deal and never be on-site, they may be on-site throughout the sale, or they may be on-site only as required.But for many small business owners, liquidating assets is often the best or perhaps only feasible method of exiting their businesses, especially retail businesses.The reasons for this are numerous: Your heirs may want nothing to do with a takeover or succession plan.Our decades of experience have taught us the best methods to address and overcome the collection issues that are often present in a liquidation case, i.e.

lack of continuity in our clients’ operations, inability to provide future products, etc.They have liquidated several stores and this is not a first-time event for them, as it would be for you. Some employ "off-the-shelf" plans that include template advertising used over and over with only a name change, and they can start a sale in a relatively short period of time.

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