On the money dating help for dorks

22-Sep-2019 08:49

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My new manager for my mobile home park #1 has been a life saver.He is on his game, at least seems honest, and will not put up with bad tenants.The stock market has really been rising with todays big increase in the Dow Jones I wonder when the market will flip.Last year at this time oil was hitting highs of /BBL and currently we are around from where it dipped at .Right there I could of easily took her home and had a successful night to most bottom feeder guys. Granted I consider myself a pretty nice guy I don’t know how to tell girls I’m not interested so I just try to disappear.I know that sounds crummy and wrong, but what else can I do?If we can get the park fully rented again I will at least break even in the mean time until I can buy more trailers to fill the empty lots available to rent.

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A woman hitting on me, completely drunk and vulnerable, starts physically showing her affection.Specifically AAPL, NTRI, BA, GOOG, SWN, TGT, GME, FXI, and many others.I’m hoping to use some of my diary to get some excellent plays in coming this fall.I should of NOT bought Put options knowing that there was a “rumor” that the payroll report was going to be higher then expected which is bullish. I find it interesting that the women that I call bottom feeders just like men that prey on easier women flock to me.

I must be radiating off “desperate nerdy fumes” because some how I get myself into uncomfortable situations.

Currently at 00 (minus the 00 that really doesn’t count because its my down payment, well was 000 I should say).

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