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15-Nov-2020 13:48

She was not necessarily unlike other people, but she knew her purpose and served it.She could lead thousands of people in an army, but she moved them out of love, not fear.A white actor wouldn’t play Joan of Arc as a white character; she would play Joan of Arc.It just so happens that my culture is my culture, so naturally I bring that to everything, but it’s not something I feel I need to layer on.What intrigued you about Joan as a historical figure, and how do you think Shaw captured that?I’m most excited about playing her as a human being.You’re also in a new film premiering this month on Netflix: is happening, because there is a connection.It’s obviously not about a woman staying true to her purpose — although my character is doing that.

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Again, people hold on to divisions because they don’t know what to do without them.That’s the world, and that’s OK — we will keep moving. What drew you to was originally written as a male role, and they just wanted a guest star for the pilot.So whatever I brought into the rehearsal room they thought I could utilize, and that was exciting to me.I’ll be wearing armor, for one thing, so there’s quite a lot of physical strength involved.

I don’t know that I knew that going in, but I intuitively started training for the role. I mean, there are so many things I would hope our current president would take away from this play. That everybody, no matter who you are or what your background is, you have the same potential as the next person for making your own connection to yourself.alumna and accomplished stage actress and director Phylicia Rashad and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad — as Sophie, a teenager who had been raped with a bayonet and left to die, but didn’t.