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However, this has not always been the condition of our bodily existence.There was a time when the body was conceived as an intersection of cosmic forces and a part of the natural whole in which everything is related to every other thing.

Given the number of people massacred for this “crime” from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries, this story might very well be true.“No one yet has determined what the do: it must work.According to Federici, in the transition from feudalism to capitalism the multiple powers of the body were transformed into a calculable and controllable work-power.As Federici explains, A variety of practices were designed to appropriate the secrets of nature and bend its powers to the human will.

From palmistry to divination, from the use of charms to sympathetic healing, magic opened a vast number of possibilities.Federici again: “At the basis of magic there was an animistic conception of nature that did not admit to any separation between nature and spirit, and thus imagined a cosmos as a A miracle might have violated the laws of nature, but it did not violate the whole of magical being and thinking. Under capitalism not only did the economic system change, but also, as Federico Campagna claims in his book The character of our contemporary existential experience points towards a certain type of ordering of our world, and of ourselves within it.

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