Podcasts not updating on ipod nano

16-Sep-2020 10:58

I tried restarting i Tunes, unplugging the i Pod, restarting the computer – nothing. Look at this setting: (Windows version: Edit | Preferences | Store) Uncheck the highlighted setting.

I’m not sure how this feature is supposed to work, but once disabled, podcasts started refreshing correctly again.

Step 3: Click “Summary” if it doesn’t automatically take you to the summary page for your device.

podcasts not updating on ipod nano-39

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We all love to fill up our i Pods with all kinds of data, but what happens when all your storage is full?

Still have problem about ipod not syncing with itunes? Before resetting, you should backup your i Pod to i Cloud or i Tunes.

ITunes is the native program designed by Apple to interface between your computer and your i Pod.

Step 3: Select all of the podcasts that you want to delete and then click “Delete” near the top, then confirm by clicking on "Yes." The great advantages to using this method over an other method includes: Step 1: Plug in your i Pod and launch i Tunes.

Step 2: Click on the little icon that indicates your device in the top left.Reboot the i Pod If you find that your i Pod is not behaving properly, you can turn it off and reboot it again.