Polish dating co uk logowanie dating on the phone

19-Sep-2019 07:36

Same story as in the other reviews - initially Been receiving plenty of "smiles" and "kisses" - all stopped Once Ive paid subscription.

Obviously no reply from girls expressing interest in my profile.

I replied to all of them, thanking them for contacting me, complimenting them on their profile, and asking them to chat on any other social media group or the site itself. Nothing, zip, nada, and even worse, 5 of the profiles disappeared completely.

I totally forgot about it aside from the occasional e-mail reminding me to login and see new profiles.

Scammers are dealt with quickly and customer service always replies.

You can see when your messages to others have been read.

No reminders and it goes onto your account under something obscure so easy to miss!

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Used this site for quite some time - unfortunately got fulled A number of times.

leading me to Pay Pal website, had to ask Pay Pal to cut it off from my end... It is all easy to forget(or realize unless you read the small print!