Radiometric dating christian

15-Jan-2020 16:39

One is by groundwater contamination, which brings atmospheric carbon-14 into underground systems.

This would be particularly effective at bringing carbon-14 into coal.

Geologists assemble the details of Earth history by the application of principles that are rooted in Christian thought: the universe is real and not an illusion, the universe is understandable, and the universe is governed by laws.

Without the various radiometric dating methods, geologists would still believe Earth is ancient.

Geochronologists have known for a number of years that the amount of carbon-14 in the atmosphere is somewhat variable, so radiocarbon dates are calibrated based on radiocarbon dates from archeological or biological samples (such as tree rings) of known age. Hebert stated that there should be no carbon-14 in samples over 100,000 years old.

He then stated that carbon-14 has been found in coal, dinosaur bones, diamonds, and petroleum, all of which are believed to be millions of years old.

I was really surprised that he said this; perhaps my notes are wrong.The rocks have been dated at around 1.5 billion years, while the RATE team determined a helium diffusion (outgassing) age of only 6,000 years.