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29-Feb-2020 15:16

If you happened to be playing on May 30th, 2013 around AM PDT ( -8 UDT), you were probably disconnected from our game and possibly our website.

We had experienced a slight glitch but we were able to resolve it within 40 minutes.

Unfortunately, I now know not to continue and I hope that me there still someone can help. And problem when create character, This is probably the same problem.

Sorry for my bad english Best regards, Marquis Server using Visual C# 2008 or more.

Anyway, this method is the best and safest compared to hexing method which confuses alot of users and users who fail to patch successfully has corrupted or unstable rag2.exe's.

So I would recommend everybody to use this instead.

testing Client setup still waiting to finish the download :3 right now i config the server but the client i still download it :) almost done testing server setup the server is so easy to setup exp/drop also!

test Sorry, bad english and not helpful Information... right now i config the server but the client i still download it :) almost done testing server setup the server is so easy to setup exp/drop also!

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* I have found that to prevent from serious errors in this program. Find in C:\WINDOWS\System32, and copy (* The file must be fit for your PC version. Double click it keep clicking next, after it is installed it will ask you if you want to configure the mysql now, make sure that tab is clicked then click finish (on 6.0 it asks if you want to register mysql just unclick that tab).

---------------------------- ------- | Variable_name | Value | ---------------------------- ------- | connect_timeout | 10 | | delayed_insert_timeout | 300 | | innodb_lock_wait_timeout | 50 | | innodb_rollback_on_timeout | OFF | | interactive_timeout | 28800 | | net_read_timeout | 30 | | net_write_timeout | 60 | | slave_net_timeout | 3600 | | table_lock_wait_timeout | 50 | | wait_timeout | 86400 | ---------------------------- ------- 10 rows in set (0.00 sec) 6.

if you enter show global variables like '%timeout%'; you can view this list.

Best practice is to do this extraction process during or shortly before maintenance to eliminate any chance of hackshield conflicts.(by design overwriting the files early should be fine, and were in test, but changing files in some situations will cause hackshield conflicts so best to apply the patch closer to maintenance time.) Steam users will have a new install client provided which should take care of their updating processes easily.

Those who do not wish to use the manual patch will download the files via the normal patch process.

Then click next it will set up all your info into its settings then click finish. Step 2 : Install Navicat Ok this one is simple install it keep clicking next till its finished. Now what i need you to do is open up navicat after it is installed you will see a tab labled "Connection" on top left side of navicat. If you use a different program, this description may not apply.