Restarted before updating can continue

30-Mar-2020 14:37

And after hinting there might be a Mac Book purchase in my immediate future, I asked a Microsoft spokesperson if the company was doing anything about forced updates.Here's the statement I got: Once a machine is upgraded to Windows 10, it will remain current through Windows Update for the supported lifetime of the device, with safety and security, productivity, and entertainment value over time.I've personally seen this -- or something similar --happen five times over the past year. There's software developer Dylan Beattie, whose laptop decided to shut down while he was giving a talk in front of 200-odd developers in Malmo, Sweden, and found he had to wing the rest of the presentation without his slides."I wasn't terribly happy," recalls Beattie, adding that he now has a habit of explicitly running Windows Update a few hours before his presentations "just to make sure it's not going to spring any surprises." Alex Gibson, a 3D printing consultant, says he no longer trusts Windows to manage his 3D printer after his computer forced a restart near the end of a 6-hour-long print job for a customer in November. Lydricsama, a digital artist from Finland, says she lost hours of work on a commissioned piece she was working on late into the night, leaving her with a bare sketch (instead of a mostly lined and colored illustration) after her machine forced an update back in October."Windows Update is a terrible piece of software," he tells me, but says he has no other choice: "Our customers use it, and we have to test our software on the same environment." Then there's Alexandria Seabrook, who says she couldn't complete the online test for a college course this October because of Windows 10 updates -- and whose professor wasn't quite as forgiving as Gibson's and Lyricsama's customers.Busy with midterms, she waited until nearly the last minute before flipping open her Windows 10 computer -- only to watch Windows Update take control of her machine until well after the deadline had passed. I could have finished the test on time if it wasn't for the Windows Update," she tells me.

If you're really unlucky and Windows is installing a major update, the progress meter may be a tease: Once it reaches 100 percent, your computer might reboot a second or third time before you finally get control again.I know what you're thinking: "How many times do you have to get burned before you get a Mac? Or even an i Pad with a keyboard cover -- anything but a Windows machine that can just spontaneously restart while you're in the middle of mission-critical work.That's pretty much the direction I've been leaning in recent months.This is what we mean when we talk about delivering Windows as a service, and it is one of our core inspirations for Windows 10.

We'll keep listening to our customers, improving the experience month after month."Overall it wasn't a huge deal, just very frustrating to have your computer decide these things on its own," he tells me.

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