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They signed the contract and were made to believe the transaction was finalized.I received post card- I Wasn't interested, just curious. They don't give you the cash when contract is signed. I still think it is harassment and am contacting a lawyer. I reached out to Home Vestors because they said that they looked at market value and then would deduct 10% for normal fees (title, plots, realtor buy/sell fees etc)., plus a small amount for "fixing up". So houses in my neighborhood are going for a consistent rate per square foot...I asked a lot of question did some research; Sounds like a Ponzi scheme. The estimator was very polite and remarked on how little would need to be dealt with to make the house saleable...Since these homes are thoroughly examined it reduces the chances of a homebuyer encountering unexpected repairs.

While Home Vestors Franchises continues to increase, so have the number of complaints.

Basically, there was no money to pay for the home until it was sold and turned a profit. It's from Robin Milligan but return address is Molalla Or (same state) and # is 888-855-8695. The text of the post cards are all the same with the opening line being: "I'm interested buying your house." The closing line is always "so call me if you're interested in a no-hassle CASH sale." The phone number provided on the post card to call this person is 888-855-8695 but the person answering the call is not Robin Milligan and there appears to be no way to contact this person.