Russian dating pocket money scam

05-Feb-2020 09:56

When you're that beautiful you have thousands of men chasing you and offering to spend money on you. I came across Charmerly online dating site It looked legit so I created a Profile and almost immediately started receiving messages from women that liked my profile and wanted to start chatting with me.

Don't delude yourself it's a total farce and a criminal site that needs to be shut down. Second I told her to translate something for me on her language. They used google translate and sent me some bull$#*! a couple of days later i received a message from a women that provided her phone number and email address and requested that i text her instead of having to purchase credits it was a US phone number and a gmail address.

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I went also at Krim to meet her and finaly she didnt spoke Englisch and I had to pay translator anytime we went uit.I had nearly given up, but my friend who is married to Ukrainian told me he'd met her on I have joined it and I have already found my woman there, we had a meeing in Kiev.