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05-Nov-2020 12:40

Scotty went on the record saying that he is still single and that Lauren and he are definitely no more than friends.The pair has gotten really close while on the show.Lauren later confirmed in an interview that she did indeed plant a kiss on the young country singer.To add to the rumors, when Lauren was asked whether Scotty and her were dating she answered that they might be and that the question should be asked to Scotty.Country music songbird Lauren Alaina and her longtime love Alex Hopkins shared their happy news via social media.Nearly five years after the couple started dating, Lauren and Alex continues to prove why they fit the term ‘goals’ perfectly.If you’re searching for proof, look no further than Hopkins’ Instagram page. Most boyfriends struggle to work up the courage it takes to match with their significant other, but Alex Hopkins proves he will do anything for his talented girlfriend.

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You also need to remember that they have said at some point that they are like brother and sister so whatever there is between these two it’s not romantic love.Lauren Alaina met her handsome boyfriend Alex Hopkins on July 5, 2012, and began dating later that year.