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11-Apr-2020 20:24

If you want motivation to reach your personal goals, a healthy dose of public shaming and the fear of losing money can help.These methods are being employed by a new kind of We Chat support group, sprouting online among Chinese audiences.They specifically looked at how We Chat treats messages related to China’s targeting of hundreds of human-rights lawyers—detaining, questioning, and disappearing them—in the so-called “709 Crackdown” that began on July 9, 2015.

Groups are coalescing around everything from rolling out of bed earlier, to reaching fitness goals, to reading and writing more.

Using this method, they identified 42 keyword combinations that get blocked by We Chat, noting that this list is likely not comprehensive.

Most of these combinations contain the name of a lawyer affected by the crackdown.

If the message includes a keyword that has been targeted for blocking, the entire message will not be sent.

The researchers tested 709-Crackdown terms by attempting to send messages with the content of related articles from various international and Chinese news sites.No one actually monitors if the members are going back to sleep after logging a message, but a promise to the group is like a special alarm clock that buzzes every morning threatening to empty members’ wallets.

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