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12-Oct-2020 18:09

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Impersonating another user is strictly prohibited and will get you permanently banned from using this chat system.No flooding the room with the same comment over and over again.Did you get kicked from the room and see a message about profanity?Info about the profanity filter / banned words kicks. Sometimes people are kicked to this page by one of our chat room moderators as a way to force people to read the rules.There are serious issues with not only being kicked from the chat room, but also in us recording and giving up your personally identifying information in cases of harassment.harassment (from ) (either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n.Usage of ALL CAPITOL LETTERS is considered to be YELLING in most online chat worlds.Example: Kill, mame, cutting, snuff, etc Maming, self mutilation, cutting, killing, dolcet, snuff, and crap like that – now banned completely, system wide.

This could save you from getting kicked or banned, and save your sanity.In most cases these “temporary kicks” will auto-expire in 10 minutes, or a few hours.This gives people a chance to read the rules and understand that they have been warned.If you try to come back to the chat 24 hours later and the system says ‘name or ip banned’; then you have likely been “perma banned”. No one under 18, or pretending to be under the age of 18 years, is allowed to use this site.

Asking another person to pretend that they are less than 18 years old is not allowed.If you disagree with another user, agree to disagree and do not fill up the chat window with flame wars, or fan the flames either.