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As for how to confront her, be totally direct and TOTALLY casual.

No whining, no attacking; just call out the elephant in the room, like, “Hey, I can’t help noticing that you’ve been avoiding me since I asked you out that one time.

She weighed in on wrist flowers (aka corsages), encouraged Sparklers to just go ahead and buy the expensive dress they love, and typed until her fingers burned. ” As far awkwardness with a future date, this is why it’s good to talk a few times before the prom itself to make sure you’re on the same page as far as what your idea of a good time is. I was wondering, for prom, how formally should you dress? (Just don’t ask me how to affix a tiara; I’ve no idea.) What to wear is really up to you, unless your school has a dress code. until some dude showed up wearing a kilt with nothing underneath. Too late; we were all emotionally scarred.) The only rule is that you’ve got to be dressy, which really has more to do with what your dress is made of than how long/short it is. It’s an event that marks the passage of its participants into young adulthood and dating eligibility. But that’s the deal.) Now, obviously, you don’t need to parade around in a ballgown for several hours before you can officially date—unless your parents are weirdos—but prom is still a sort of rite of passage. Auntie, this is one I don’t mind if you ignore since it isn’t exactly prom related, but I like this guy a grade ahead of me, in my older bro’s class, and my friend told him I like him, and he said he WOULD like me, and that I’m nice and all, but that it would be awkward and all with my brother, cause they’re KINDA friends.

If you missed it or don’t have a fb, check out the transcript below. i am kind of a party animal so i like to dance and he just stood there… Not everyone wants the same thing out of prom—some people like to dance, some people are wallflowers, some people want to play hide-and-seek under the tables and throw pastries at each other in the parking lot. Would it be considered rude/improper to turn up in a knee-length or shorter dress? So, all your extremes are good: a floor-length evening gown, ballgown, tea-length dress in satin or taffeta, or a super-short formal minidress. SO basically he won’t date me just because he doesn’t want to be my brother’s brother.

Anyway, we were pretty good friends before that (I was one of the few people she talked about certain things to) but for the past couple of months, I can only remember one time where our conversations have been longer than four consecutive sentences.

It’s like she’s avoiding me, as whenever we talk (I’ve been trying to start conversations again online), she ends every attempted conversation very abruptly (she says brb and doesn’t say anything after that).

are you really wearing nothing but lingere and a gorilla mask? Because I am NOT patient, I just want something to happen….. You might as well try pursuing him directly before you give up —it’s easy to dismiss someone for silly reasons (i.e.

The answer to that question will have to remain a mystery. sibling-related awkwardness) when you don’t have an actual connection with them, so if your crush gets to know you better, maybe he won’t feel as odd about the brother issue. BUT, speaking from experience, I can also tell you that it’s just not that big of a deal. And getting in someone’s face or telling her to buy a different dress—oh geez, PLEASE do not do that.

) MY best friend (guy) has liked me since half way through last year, i liked him too but didnt want to commit to anything because i was terrified of changing my mind. Sorry, that’s rough—partly, you just need time to let your brain/heart catch up to reality.(Btw, if Auntie doesn’t answer this, I’d still like advice from others out there!! My advice in these situations is almost always to talk with them about what’s going on, and ask them to meet the guy in question. So, I’ll be going to high school this fall, and I think my parents will allow me to have a boyfriend (I’m responsible, and I’m not going to fall for a druggie or an ex-convict). She already has a small hunch which is already making it a little awkward.They may feel differently about having you be romantically involved when “dating” has a (polite, pleasant, non-serial killer) face. Her *knowing* that i like him would make our friendship strained and uncomfortable. The point at which everyone is asking whether you like each other is the point at which it’s obvious to everyone (including Jill) that you like each other; whether her feelings are rational or not, tiptoeing around it and treating her like she can’t handle the truth is only going to make things worse.I cant trust him more than any other person I know, and we are very very close friends, i just adore being around him. 🙂 A group of girls, including me, would like to go to prom, but we can’t think of any guys to come with us. I think an all-female group at prom sounds like a blast. Just go for it—you and your friends will have a great time together. Well I told him that I liked him and he basicly said,in a very nice way,that he didn’t like me. It also helps if you rewire yourself to fixate on what makes him totally UNattractive—everybody has something about them that’s truly icky, and he’s no exception. So there is this guy I really like, and he really likes me and we talk all the time and are great friends.

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so I’m begging you, please can you shed a little light on these confusing feelings of mine? From me in New Zealand 😀 It sounds like you’ve got a good thing going with your boyfriend—just relax and see what happens, okay? (we were going to have a group, not dates) Is it weird to go to prom with no guys to dance with? Hey Auntie, I’ve also got a prom question which I hope doesn’t sound super silly but im trying to choose between two different colors of dresses orangey-red and white, not sure which to choose, help! I’m trying to focus on “getting over it” and just trying to be his friend. Does he have any gross habits, ugly personality traits? Whatever it is, think of it every time he looks at you. The problem is that my parents don’t allow me to date!

anyway, no ive said i like him, and the other day he kissed me, but i didnt feel any firery explosion like thing in my chest like I THOUGHT you were meant to feel, but maybe Ive been brainwashed by movies and books? its was nice and i was happy, but i didn’t want to lead him on in fear of again, changing my mind or not being sure whether i liked him. Eventually, they’ll realize that flooding you with wanty-wanty endorphins every time this guy looks your way is exhausting and not doing you any good. But you can help yourself along by drawing back a little bit — just take him out of your cross-hairs, and focus your attentions on something else that makes you happy.

Meanwhile, Carey was also upset over paying the bills for Tanaka's expensive purchases of brands like Gucci and Balmain, and he is always on the lookout for exorbitant watches and chains in the market, according to TMZ.… continue reading »

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