Sex dating in standard alaska

30-Oct-2020 08:13

Alaska has just joined the ranks of those that do not, ruling in , that a man could not sue his wife’s lover for alienation of affections.

It left open, however, the possibility that he could sue the same man for other intentional torts relating to the same events.

And certainly there were those who suggested Elizabeth should target the paramour directly, rather than a campaign aide who clearly did not have the same level of complicity, or her husband whose behavior was despicable at every turn. John and Elizabeth did separate, and she died in 2010.

Suits for the alienation of affections remain surprisingly common, even though only a few states allow them to proceed.

For example, a woman could file a lawsuit for “breach of promise to marry,” if her fiancé called off an engagement.

She also claimed in those papers that she could not work due to pregnancy-related disability and that she would be left homeless without interim spousal support.

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