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“Don’t pick small fights; don’t speak of small things. ” one woman exclaims, while yet another recommends flirting with your husband—as well as with other men. It releases some of the tension and men think its sexy to see that another man wants their wife,” explains one.And above else, never be boring.”Don't forget to flirt. “Even after years of marriage, having babies, losing jobs… Another puts it more bluntly: “Look at [your husband] like you want to fuck him.”Never underestimate the importance of lingerie.I need to put in the effort—and here’s what’s important: I want to do the work,” Piazza’s friend says.As another friend puts it: “No one wants to be cheated on. You behave like his mistress and it is less likely to happen.”You have to make yourself happy.“American women think that they need a man to fulfill them,” one French woman explains.

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Equality is deeply ingrained in their cultures and it feels like much less of a struggle to find a balance. It’s the collective learnings from each place—the sum of the wisdom culled from the cultures explored in each chapter that makes for such an inspiring read.

’ He will believe what you tell him to believe about you.