Single parent dating fort huachuca arizona

14-Apr-2020 11:09

I wanted to start out by saying this story is 100% true.

I know people will say that to add immersion, but it really is, and this is the only place I knew where to post it at.

”“YES” it replied again.“Are you the ghost in the haunted house we were going to visit? Claim to be the ghost we saw and commence scaring the shit out of us.

I mean, that’s like a Nigerian scammer writing you about your long lost fortune, and then responding “no” when you ask if he’s able to give you million instead of .5 million.

It could have been an elaborate prank on behalf of my friends, but there are several reasons why I find that hard to believe. Who knows, anyway here is the story: I enlisted in the Army in 2009, and had my AIT (Advanced Individual Training) in Fort Huachuca, AZ.

Pretty much any soldier stationed at Fort Huachuca (often nicknamed Fort We-Gotcha) has above average intelligence.

So the first question I asked was:“Name one thing the building you touched Thomson in was used for.”The planchette slowly started to move again. ” I thought to myself, this thing can’t possibly get creepy from this question.

I bet it will say like General Store, or Post Office, or“S L A U G H T E R”Pucker factor 9. But seriously, I again realized this was probably not one of us joking around because “slaughter” has not been used as a common term since the 1800s.

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Thinking this would lead somewhere creepy, I asked when it died instead.“1 8 6 7”I again started thinking of questions I could ask that no one ever thinks to ask a ghost.

If this was real, I wanted this specter to break history with me.

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