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Some owners worked them so hard that they had to replace one or several parts.Some simply put the wrong bit in the wrong place, some customised their tools to suit their needs - the possibilities for change are endless.Stanley was surely not lacking in its appetite for block planes, offering models and variations of models in every size and flavor imaginable. Trying to figure out all the models and differences is maddening. The flowchart starts by asking questions about the cast iron bed of your plane.I've chosen the bed as a starting point because it has many easily identifiable markings, and it probably wasn't replaced that often. 1904" width="300" height="225" srcset=" w=300&h=225 300w, w=600&h=450 600w, w=150&h=113 150w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /Stanley no.Included here are all of the web sites to help date, or otherwise known as typing or type studies for vintage hand planes.

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When a change was made they’d use up what they had on hand, often not bothering to use up what they had first before starting with the next batch. He also has a monthly tools for sale email that you can subscribe to.Patrick Leach: [email protected] Ok, Mr Leach is an extremely kind person and quickly replied to a couple of email !!!When did Stanley stopped producing the first casting and started with the second one ?

..…When I find a Stanley 40, first casting, tapered knob, with a sweetheart “AA” blade, is it original ? I’m not sure I have seen a Type Study for the Stanley #40. -- We must guard our enthusiasm as we would our life - James Krenov Thankyou Wayne C for your reply, I know blades can be switched from a tool to an other,that is why I’m trying to understand when Stanley left the old casting for the new one !!!

At this point I need your help, although I have very often seen the sweetheart “AA” trademark on the first type of scrub plane,from time to time I see the same blabe on the later model, and this is very confuseing !!!