Sugardaddie dating sites

03-Nov-2019 02:37

The reality is that its pages are saddled with so many issues and problems that we can’t really see any reason why anyone would want to bother finding their match there.

If you are planning on using the site and you are expecting a smooth and trouble-free sugar dating experience, you are in for a lot of grief.

Sugar Baby sign up with Sugar is pretty easy, if time consuming.

After selecting whether you’re a Sugar Daddie or a Sugar Babe, you select whether you’re looking for strictly a Sugar Daddy relationship or whether you’re open to other options, though, it doesn’t specify what those other options might be.

Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll need to verify your email address to activate your Sugar Babe profile.

Once you’ve clicked on the verification link in your email, you’re offered a code for 15% off of a premium membership that is good for 24 hours.

If I’d seen their headline or a snippet of some of these guys’ pages, I’d have never checked them out at all.

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The most unusual ranking area is for what they call Meet my Match.

Basically, you click on it, and the system pulls up a random Sugar Daddie match from your search list and you have to decide based on just the photo, username, age, and location if they are a yes or no.

If you select yes, they will inform the man that you are interested.

Next it asks you for basic information including a physical description, age, education, and smoking and drinking preferences.

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Next it asks Sugar Babes to fill out some about me boxes and asks you to select a minimum of 3 hobbies from their list.

If you decline to sign up for a premium membership at this time, a ticker is posted at the top of your page to let you know how long is left on this offer.

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