Sunshine coast sex hook ups

09-Mar-2020 07:32

Lush Marcoola is the Sunshine Coast's only legal brothel, and manager Rebecca has told the Daily that times are getting tougher for parlours across Queensland.

Rebecca said that brothels across Queensland are seeing a 40% slump in business - and although Lush is showing no signs of slowing down, dating apps and private prostitution have seen her business take a hit.

"The younger generation are willy-nilly with their sexuality, they can look at someone (on an app) and go ' Oh you're only a few kilometres away, lets meet up and have sex.' "STIs are on the rise; they're never going to go away...

we're trying to educate them on the positives of coming to a legal brothel instead of a private girl or Tinder." Sex workers who operate out of brothels must have a sexual health certificate, to ensure the safety of both workers and clients and to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

“Tinder and these sex dating sites have absolutely affected us,” the owner, who asked to be called only Rebecca told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

"The drop is industry-wide in Queensland," she said.

The reason for this is because of our advertising laws.

In a bid to help reduce "red tape" for applicants, the PLA has introduced changes to the licence application forms.

"[The] measure is aimed at ensuring that the forms are more user-friendly, not overly burdensome and a deterrent to the making of applications," the report said.

the private girls who don't have to register with the government.

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