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Please prepare: Please arrive at least 10 minutes early to get settled.

NO drug or alcohol consumption before or during the Puja.

It is a celebration of our sexual-spiritual nature which is deeply healing for any blocks we may have around sex, love, intimacy or connection.

There will be no nudity or explicit sexual conduct.

Hatha and Raja practices establish an inner consecration using geometric body shapes, breathing rituals and mental disciplines designed to surrender to her awakening This will be and immersion into the relationship between postures, the energetic anatomy, sound, concentration bandhas and breath rituals, and the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti through the lens of Sattva Yoga.

As our physical and energetic vibrations increase, and our consciousness begins to receive and accept all of who we are, an Initiation of Light and universal Love occurs. All-Love workshops support and facilitate this awakening for those who are experiencing this planetary transformation.

The class consists of clearings, activations and Initiations that will expand your consciousness and bring about more permanent states of enlightenment, which are your birthright, the fusion of heaven on earth.

Join Dawn Petrin for a 2.5-hour restorative yoga class with the added luxury and grounding of hot stones and the magic of the gong.

This class starts off with gentle breathwork, guided meditation and a soft warm up.From there, you will be invited into long holds in very supported postures - while Dawn places hot stones on your body to encourage joyful awakening and deep relaxation. This class is accessible to all levels of practitioners and will provide opportunities for you to go deeply into your self no matter what kind of yoga you usually practice./Person, 20% off for Tandava Members. Tantra Spirit Night: Love's Embrace In Love's Embrace you are invited to experience this Divine energy within yourself and see it in your partner. ) Take off your mask and reveal the truth of who you are as you look past the personality and into the soul.