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In 2009, Tay was in a band called Sofmoure, which tied for first place in a battle of the bands competition.

After the competition, Tay was offered to be a part of the band The In Crowd.

We Are the In Crowd continues to gain popularity, and with each album Tay continues to surpass her fans’ expectations.

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Taylor Jardine, (aka Tay Jardine) was born on March 7, 1990 and is the lead singer of the pop punk band We Are the In Crowd, also featuring Jordan Eckes, Cameron Hurley, Mike Ferri, and Rob Chianelli.

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So, Liz has to take me to school." Aww,he so sad maybe I should take him to the park later.

He basicly wanted us to look like hannah montana with a dash of band slut. " Matheus said "oh nvrmnd then....." "Tay what did you say to him? I started to cry when i saw the rest of my friends. Tay said to me "This was just soooo stupid of me to tell her to come today..