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So my sister and I started getting into the paranormal as a hobby, and later we ended up joining Riverbend Paranormal.” Alton has been billed as the nation’s most haunted city. Marine who currently works as a contractor in the Riverbend area.Both Murray and Stratton, now veterans of the nation’s most popular paranormal investigation show, emphatically agree with that assessment. I’ve been investigating Alton for more than 20 years and by far, Alton has been the one spot where I continue to get results,” Murray said. He uses his knowledge of buildings and plumbing to help debunk things that people may think have supernatural causes.

GODFREY — Two Godfrey residents hope that if something goes bump in the night, it’s your finger hitting the remote to watch them on the A&E Networks series “Ghost Hunters.” Best friends and neighbors Brian Murray and Richel Stratton are regulars on the famed paranormal investigation series that has returned to television with new episodes airing every Wednesday evening.

“So when we are at home we miss our road family, and when we are on the road we miss our real family.” Murray’s two sons have accompanied him on Riverbend Paranormal investigations.

Stratton’s two sons are also fascinated by the paranormal and think their mom being on a TV show is “awesome.” Murray began his journey into paranormal investigation at age 16 when he came face-to-face with people standing in front of him who shouldn’t have been there. From that point on, I started researching everything that I could on it,” Murray said. “Entities and ghosts and such, they are people like we are, and it’s just an understanding of why they’re there, what they’re doing,” Murray said.

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The two are long-time members of Riverbend Paranormal and have done their own ghost and haunting investigations for years.

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