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05-Dec-2019 00:46

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And as you can imagine, this is hardly politically correct, and indeed, we have been attacked by the mainstream media () for the longest time for our allegedly misogynistic views. (And if you want to be successful with women, you should also learn not to give a fuck.) Understand this – Much of this material are rooted in Mind Control, and therefore it will be useful for you to get a basic understanding of how Mind Control works in seduction.

So, before you continue with the rest of this guide, first watch this online Masterclass on Mind Control conducted by Derek Rake – Derek Rake is the founder of Shogun Method, possibly the world’s first Mind Control Seduction system ever to achieve international recognition.

If you keep busy, then you won’t worry too much about whether a woman is texting you or not, right? 🙂 Implanted Commands are Mind Control lines which are used to plant ideas inside a woman’s mind without her knowing.

Usually used in verbal communications, Implanted Commands also work tremendously well over text (with some modifications).

Here’s what make us different – We are huge proponents of using in order to attract women.

This means that we do not do “Pickup Artist” stuff like dressing outlandishly (i.e.

Just lay low for the day and try texting her again the next day (or in two days) as if nothing had ever happened.

Here’s the good news: rather well too when delivered over text.

Have you ever met a girl and you were both clearly interested in seeing each other again, but for some reason you never got her out on the first date? She gave you her number, you started texting each other, but then something weird happened…It’s simple. When you learn the rules of the game, you can play to win.

You didn’t know how to keep her interested in you over text long enough to get her out on a date. texting is like a big mystery for a lot of us guys. Once you learn the “secret structure” of flirting over text, it’s like having a superpower…

“peacocking”) or spouting pickup routines or openers on strange women.

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Instead, we go about ten levels into the realm of female psychology in order to exploit their emotional vulnerabilities to our benefit.

It’s like some kind of secret language that we’re expect to already know how to speak. an unfair advantage over every other guy she’s talking to.

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I have had literally hundreds of fantasies in my lifetime and I am only in my twenties. Some are very detailed and would take hours of preparatory writing just so the reader would remotely understand the point. These topics are usually incestuous and always include in some relation, panties. I am sure you will be able to tell when the story shifts from the what really went on to fantasy. This included my mother, my sisters and just about any other female whose bedroom I came across.… continue reading »

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Women's brains think differently, yes we actually do hang onto the phone waiting for you to call.… continue reading »

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Not all features are available on all devices or in all regions.… continue reading »

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