The frisky are you dating a cat

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“If the relationship quality needs professional help, find a licensed marriage and family therapist in your area,” advises Dr. “If the relationship issue pertains only to sex, look for a certified sex therapist.” Go for a hike together Or a run, gym class, cooking seminar—any hobby or interest that you and your partner can do together, suggests Dr. “This can strengthen your emotional connection, and feelings of support boost desire.” In one study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, couples that engaged in new and exciting activities had greater satisfaction in their relationships.“New and exciting” is all relative, so depending on how adventurous you are, that could mean anything from trying out mountain biking to skydiving.Exercise often Less stress, an improved mood, and higher self-esteem are all health benefits of exercise—and together they can rev up your sex drive.In fact, a recent study found that women who were taking antidepressants and were experiencing a dulled libido (a common side effect) improved sexual satisfaction by doing three 30-minute sweat sessions per week.But there are things you can do to put the sizzle back into your sex life.Jumpstart your libido with these expert-approved lifestyle changes.Birth control pills can be one of the biggest perpetrators: they can reduce your body’s production of testosterone, and in turn, your desire to get down. And even if you’re not on birth control, being aware of your hormonal status can help you dial in your libido.

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So if along with your low libido you begin noticing weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, and fatigue, don’t ignore it—you may be among the 15 million Americans unknowingly suffering from a thyroid problem.Before you hit the sheets, find an easy way to clear your mind, whether it’s taking a long bath or curling up with a good book.

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