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18-Aug-2020 22:24

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Zui Tube is brought to you by the guys who developed Kid Zui, the free browser for kids.

Zui Tube is a children’s website filled to the brim with videos that are approved by parents and teachers. It also advertises itself as the largest online collection of children’s videos.

It’s just that there content needs to be more strictly moderated and should blend in subjects that are for kids-eyes-only.

So here are ten online video streaming websites for kids that are closest to a responsible parent’s heart, and of course the kid’s.

Then there are the child friendly channels like Harry Potter, Farm Animals, Space, Cute Animals, etc. If you have an i Phone, i Pod Touch, or an i Pad, then there’s a free app available for download too. It is also probably has the most kid friendly way to view videos.

It’s similar to a playlist of selected videos which the kids can go through with a press of the spacebar.

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The unique thing is that Kids Tube also runs a lot of contests around user uploaded videos. It’s a great outlet for perking up your child’s imagination.Covering fun activities like videos, games, and music, Kidyos is worth a look if you have a child who is between 1 and 6 years of age.The site screens its collection from You Tube but also provides a few language options like German, French, Spanish, and Hebrew apart from English.A mix of education and fun, the lineup of videos is a reflection of what Discovery Kids shows on TV.

The clips are kept short enough for attention spans of the little ones.

PBS Kids is the online children’s website of the Public Broadcasting Service (U. What you get are lots of little videos on the characters from the shows that the channel broadcasts.

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