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I’ll contact the state authorities too, not that it’ll do any good.” “Because? He gave me an unreadable look and gravely thanked the stick before tracing a finger over its silverwork and slowly down its length. “Coyote also asked me if I knew what its original magic was, so I told him about Lugh’s three walking sticks and that this one was twin lambs, not finding home or seeing truly. And at Jesse, which I wasn’t going to tolerate for much longer.

” “California.” Frank Zappa had been exactly right about flakes forty years ago and California still had the most of them. “Useless , you are looking better than you did two weeks ago, and you have your strength back.” It was my turn to grunt. “It was bad enough when it was only humans, vampires, wolves, and fae. And though you are coyote enough to have survived, Mercy, the margins are getting very thin.” “I do know.” I shrugged. It was Yo-Yo Edythe who set Adam and me up with the River Devil, and it was Christy who dragged Guayota here. And you are not wrong — both Edythe and Gwyn ap Lugh have cautioned that you are … That’s what Arianna’s book said, and she ought to know. I don’t believe it thinks very highly of my swords. But it would like that one’s fame, maybe, and besides liking you, , it feels serving you is a good way to gain it.” “Huh. Nor did it help that I’d managed to disable Guayota’s magic by bringing Joel as one of his tibicenas into the pack, and though Joel was now managing to stay human for four or five hours at a stretch, his presence in the pack was doing something none of us understood to the pack bonds — and that left everyone a bit edgy, with Adam as Alpha again bearing the brunt of it.

I also reached the first scenes involving a POTUS long before the present incumbent was elected, and after some soul-searching decided to ignore him too, hard as that is ; in this AU, my pointedly nameless POTUS may deserve some of Adam’s ire, but he doesn’t sell snakeoil, and I have contented myself with being rude about a different Donald for good plot reasons. It was overflow, I think.” “That was a lot of overflow, then.

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And I’d been very lucky — if Coyote hadn’t somehow fixed my broken neck I’d have been dead, but while I was properly grateful I also had more sympathy for Mary Jo’s disgruntlement after Baba Yaga fixed her dead body sufficiently for her spirit to take up residence again. A bit like the garage.” I’d managed to get the holes Guayota had left in and under the building patched and filled before it fell down, but it needed a lot more work that I couldn’t afford. “There were certainly three sticks, but he’s right this one now has all three powers, and more. And certainly killing the River Devil quenched it as a weapon. ambition.” He lapsed into very archaic German, almost crooning to the stick, and the only word I caught was ‘Excalibur’. “And speaking of Excalibur, Zee, I meant to tell you that I saw it, and so did the walking stick. ” Zee didn’t often sound that surprised, and I nodded. Bran was expecting someone to collect them but no-one has. It was fortunate that both Bran and Charles were more intrigued than appalled by what I’d managed to do, but there were levels and implications to it that mattered.

“The Marrok has as much right to them as any now living.” My eyes widened. Bran had stared at them both for a while with a look that told me he wasn’t only seeing them with his eyes, and then sighed gently.

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