Trouble updating macromedia flash player

17-Aug-2020 18:46

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Click on the green squiggly thing and the procedure is self-explanatory.

Internet Explorer upgrade procedure Uninstalling the Active X version of the Flash player via the Control Panel was just as error-prone as the Firefox plug-in version.

What follows are my suggestions and experiences about updating the Flash player. I read a number of articles on this topic before writing this posting and none mentioned the fact that you have to update the Flash player for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The two browsers use separate and independent copies of Flash.

The Google Toolbar in particular, has its own very recent security bug. Out with the old I suggest starting with the Adobe Flash player unintall program.

Removing old versions of the Flash player using the standard Add or Remove Programs applet in the Windows XP Control Panel failed more often than it worked in my tests.

If you are having similar problems, my eventual solution may help you, too. December 18 is the "release date" of the security bulletin from Adobe.A screenshot is above showing the output from today before I upgraded.