Updating bathroom on a budget

28-Jan-2020 15:10

Find a tray that fits with the vibe of your bathroom and add jars to hold some of your bathroom essentials, a pretty perfume bottle and maybe a candle or a vase with flowers.Doesn’t it feel like you’ve just stepped into a spa now?Or sometimes you might have spent a good deal of money on remodeling specific sections of your home which you aren’t able to cough up money to acquire new items for your kitchen or bathroom.When you come to sell your house, buyers have a tendency to rate period features.But while you are living in your place it makes your tiles look updated and beautiful.Below are some of my favorite options for peel and stick tiles and bathroom rugs!Also, make sure to hang your shower curtain a couple inches below the ceiling because this will help bring the eye up and it is really amazing how this small change instantly makes your bathroom feel so much bigger.I actually combined two shower curtains together so they were long enough to reach the floor.

You may easily run over your financial plan so keep your eye on it while you prepare for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling.

I recently uploaded a video all about maximizing your bathroom storage.