Updating file properties with vb global dating revolution

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Table 7.1 presents the key classes contained in the namespaces.These classes represent those primarily used by developers when implementing features based on directories, files, and streams.The Directory class allows you to create, move, and enumerate directories and subdirectories.All of its methods are static and require a security check for each call.

Directories and files are the warehouses and boxes of our applications.

If the user presses F1, and the control that has keyboard focus has a non-zero Help Context ID, then that topic will be displayed instead of the form's topic.

If you want help text to appear in small popup windows rather than in a top-level help window, set the form's Whats This Help property to True.

Set the Whats This Help ID property of each control of the form to the appropriate Topic ID from Help Scribble.

If you want to show a help topic from within your Visual Basic code, you need to use the Win Help API call. If you are using Visual Basic 6, you can also use files to provide context-sensitive help.

First of all, you need to specify the help file that you want to use by setting the To make a help window appear when the user presses F1, set the form's Whats This Help property to False.