Updating imac g3

13-Jun-2020 01:16

One of Bill's tricks is to do the entire Mac OS installation in another computer, one that supports two internal hard drives.

You can use a Blue & White Power Mac G3 or any Power Mac G4, as the drop down door makes access to drives fast and easy.

He's also the only person I've ever heard from who has managed to get 512 MB RAM cards working in tray-loading i Macs.

He writes, "We have found two of these early i Macs, likely 333s, that would accept and report a 512 MB card.

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Using this process, you can create a bootable OS X drive for a tray-loading i Mac, beige G3, or Wall Street Power Book without ever touching XPost Facto.

You can install the classic Mac OS and Mac OS X through version 10.3 from CD, which is the only kind of optical drive Apple ever built into the tray-loading i Macs and the 350 MHz slot-loading i Mac.