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04-Oct-2019 17:56

Half the bugs I found in Power Designer went away when I stopped using projects and moved to workspaces. No more models that are impossible to check out or check in.

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And then you pressed “save” automatically, because by now it’s a reflex. I dare you to try it with a non-trivial model and then generate a working physical model out of it. Create a unique data domain for each attribute This sort of misses the point of data domains.

It’s best to create a single model for this, that you can use as a template for the other models you create.

Add domains Create a list of standard attribute domains, then create a template model containing them.

He encourages organizations to connect and utilize their metadata islands, to recognize the wealth of information contained in their data models, to recognize that the creation of data models must form part of an integrated approach to improving their business, and therefore avoid the creation of metadata islands in the first place.

He is a blogger, co-author of “Data Modeling Made Simple Using Power Designer” with Steve Hoberman, and author of several articles on Many people consider Power Designer to be the de facto standard datamodelling tool. However, if you avoid some practices and adopt others, using Power Designer is a breeze. Do Not: Use the repository The repository is a major cause of bugs.