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Or, you can get help from the community on our Discord server or Forums (You will need to set up a Neverendless account and Forums name, if you have not done so already.), provided that you have been following this guide so far.

Please use a real email address when registering an account, as you must confirm the address before you can use the account - this is for your protection to ensure that you can recover your account password if you need to.

The Hamachi application has been known to interfere with the connection to Neverendless.

If you are having trouble connecting to Neverendless and have hamachi installed, we recommend removing the application.

But beyond server names, how do you choose the right realm for you?

As you noticed on the list above, the realms are split up between a few types.

Automatic updating of pre-2.07 versions of Wo WRM will therefore stop working and their users will need to download the recent versions manually.

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A walk-though guide to using the launcher can be found here if you are unsure how to use the installer.You don’t want the realm to be full of players talking in chat about streamers and potentially filling your cities and towns with crowds.This website has a great list of where the streamers will be located at.It also means that the day and night cycle will match your own in real life more accurately — which can be fun to play with.

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At the moment, there are way more Eastern time zone realms than Pacific.Many of the most popular streamers look to be going onto Faerlina, the Eastern PVP realm.