Validating date in javascript

15-Nov-2019 17:50

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There could be some better approaches but have come up with this.Have tested it for the formats like: MM/dd/yyyy, dd/MM/yyyy, yyyy-MM-dd, yyyy. Note supplied date format and date string go hand in hand.There may be plugins for other (including historical or scientific) calendars.function is Valid Date(date) console.log(is Valid Date('')); console.log(is Valid Date('12/11/1961')); console.log(is Valid Date('')); console.log(is Valid Date('12/01/1961')); console.log(is Valid Date('')); console.log(is Valid Date('')); console.log(is Valid Date('')); function is Integer(s) function strip Chars In Bag(s, bag) function days In February (year) function Days Array(n) function is Valid Date(dt Str){ var days In Month = Days Array(12); var pos1=dt Str.index Of(dt Ch); var pos2=dt Str.index Of(dt Ch,pos1 1); var str Day=dt Str.substring(0,pos1); var str Month=dt Str.substring(pos1 1,pos2); var str Year=dt Str.substring(pos2 1); str Yr=str Year; if (str At(0)=="0" && str Day.length Please find in the below code which enables to perform the date validation for any of the supplied format or based on user locale to validate start/from and end/to dates.

They are each validated seperately and combined together. i want check if the "given date" is coming between "fromdate" and "todate".

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