Validating event radio group Free swx chat no membership

07-Jul-2020 10:38

Use rules and messages to specify which elements to validate, and how.

See rules() for more details about specifying validation rules.

To submit the new value using a dataset, set the field's value using the property indicates if an element's value satisfies all conditions to pass a validation check.

This includes basic validity conditions, such as whether the element has a value if it is required, and those specified in its let validity Obj = $w("#my Element").validity; let custom Error = validity Obj.custom Error; // true let valid = validity Obj.valid; // false let value Missing = validity Obj.value Missing; // false let type Mismatch = validity Mismatch; // false let pattern Mismatch = validity Obj.pattern Mismatch; // false let too Long = validity Long; // false let too Short = validity Short; // false let range Underflow = validity Obj.range Underflow; // false let range Overflow = validity Obj.range Overflow; // false let file Not Uploaded = validity Not Uploaded; // false let step Mismatch = validity Mismatch; // false let bad Input = validity Input; // false element, does not take up any space on the page.

[code language=”javascript”] function all Questions Answered = function() $Submit = function() [/code] So now we have code that validates if all our radio buttons are checked, but the end user still does not see which questions he missed when submitting the form.

So we add an ng-class driective to the HTML like so: [code language=”html”] [/code] And there you go, the ng-class directive adds the CSS class error to each individual question if the form validation has triggered, and if that individual question was not answered yet.

Radio button groups are used for selecting one of a number of options. Each option contains a label, which is what the user sees, and a value, which is what is used in code and stored in you collections.

Deprecation note: The $w parameter of event handlers is being deprecated.

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