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08-Mar-2020 09:50

And now I'm ready to talk about it, so here's a non-specific list of what people did or said to me. degu shared a picture of a Windows screen showing "log off," while Pred used the term "ugly gook cunt" to describe Delacroix (the term 'gook' is a slur for Korean people).

While we're on this topic of holding the community responsible.

Since the reports of toxicity in the competitive scene emerged, other players have come forward with their own stories, and it seems the problem is pervasive.

The affected branches of the TF2 community include the TF2 workshop, Steam comments and public matches in the game itself.

The responses have been, extremely disappointing to put it lightly & here is my response to the situation at hand SZ8BC— Tagg (@That Guy Tagg) August 6, 2018 And the problems seem to extend far beyond the competitive TF2 community.

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Some made advances to Delacroix and claimed she could "play around with them" because she wasn't married, despite her being in a relationship at the time.Another lifelong TF2 player also posted a list of verbal and in-chat abuse she'd received while playing the game just for being a woman.Several TF2 players have told me that normally when these things happen, no significant action is taken by the community.He reiterated that these are still huge issues in the community, and called on the TF2 community to punish competitive players exhibiting toxic behaviour.

Another player by the name of "Kaim Time" stated he'd been the butt of anti-semitic jokes and slurs when he played in the UGC League.Behind her back, players planned to try to sleep with her at LANs, and then refused to participate in events when she rejected their advances.

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