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This is a problem that is seriously pervasive in anime as a whole; if you want your dramatic scene to be taken seriously, DON’T IMMEDIATELY PRECEED IT WITH CHILDISH COMEDY!

Every time something that is supposed to be taken seriously happens, you better believe a heaping dosage of comic relief is right around the corner.

However, as soon as the ED played at the end of episode one, everything about him that was established in that first episode is COMPLETELY forgotten.

Never again does he exhibit any of traits that supposedly define him.

Eventually, they must accept sacrifice to fulfill their lives and destinies.” Some of you are probably thinking “That’s Angel Beats!

”, while the rest of you are probably thinking “That’s Charlotte!

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Seriously, what intimate moments did they ever share together? I haven’t even gotten to how shitty the plot of this show is and the reasons why it didn’t even remotely work. Being a show about superpowers, it’s obvious that plotholes are going to emerge from characters not using certain powers at certain times or in certain ways, but to THIS extent?There is one in particular I will go over though just so I can talk about how terrible the romance in this anime is: Nao.

The 2008 vintage 200s only had enough room on them to fit the continental US internally whereas the 250 could fit all of North America. Since the 2010 maps, there has not been enough room, even by deleting unused language files, to load the entire continental US internally on a 200.… continue reading »

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