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Yuri spitting out the bitter drink as soon as he took a sip just like normal, she laughed at his contorted face reacting to the strong black substance, it reminded her of when his cat tried a lemon - all scrunched up and cute."Yuri if you like frappaccinos, you like frappacinos, it's no big deal." "whatever," Yuri looking away from her, trying to salvage his reputation as the 'russian punk' just a little."Yeah..." Yuri not exactly sure how to talk to her about such a subject, for the last year Viktor had been a sore subject which resulted in very differing results - her throwing things, her crying or her ignoring it completely.She had spent a good few days just staying in bed, she didn't go to practice for a week, which was unusual for a girl who would always seem to be the first one on the ice and the last one off it - unless literally dragged off by Yakov, and when she did return it took a while for her to return to her bubbly self.

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"Yuri," he felt something very warm and soft touch his hand, he looked up through his loose blonde hair that had fallen over his eyes to see Katrina giving him a relaxed smile with her hand on his, "I'm ok," she broke into her regular relaxed smile, "I have the ice tiger of Russia protecting me after all." Yuri smiled back at her, ever so very slightly and if you called him on it he would deny it completely, with his hair covering his face, "da." "Oh my god," Mila muttering to herself out of ear shot, frustrated at the teens lack of progress in their relationship - despite that fact that it was very clear to anyone, bar the 2 skating prodigy's, that they liked each other.

Come on they hung out all the time, coffee after practice, shopping trips just because, studying together - pretty much what you would expect teen couples to do except they weren't a couple (or so they claimed).

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