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It was really no different to any other movie set that Ive been on; we were just able to benefit from these close relationships - my relationship with Leo and my relationship with Sam.

In fact, my relationship with Sam I completely abused in a way that he didnt abuse it with me at all. Wed get home from work and hed be exhausted, flat on his back, just wanting to pass out.

KW: The role, the character, the novel first came to my attention six years ago, when I was pregnant with our son, Joe.

I read the book and I was 27 at the time and I was absolutely gripped and compelled and ultimately devastated by the novel and immediately thought, Oh well, someone must be making this into a movie. I never, ever, ever thought of myself because I felt I was 27, and 27 and 32, to me that seemed like such a big gap.

It was a very painstaking and thorough process, because we knew it just had to look real.

We were determined to make it the best prosthetics ever seen on screen.

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You know hes older than I was when I shot Heavenly Creatures at the age of 17 in New Zealand all by myself for 4 months.We also knew that because she gets older and gets saggier and kind of gets a little heavier, physically, we knew that couldnt be just be like a bit of padding under the costumes and that was a prosthetic body suit that weighed 15 to 20 pounds.And the amazing thing for me was when I would sit down, the breasts would move; there was a belly, there were thigh pieces, there was back fat, there was a small hump here where the top of the spine starts to go, and everybody contributed to these ideas.Sam always treated me like the actress playing April Wheeler, not his wife playing April Wheeler.

It was a very collaborative and professional environment.So, then it became Nicole Kidmans part, and then Nicole became unavailable due to her pregnancy.