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08-Sep-2020 20:16

I’ve held meet-ups in various cities to shake hands and exchange hugs with some of you.

I’ve advocated for those who suffer mental illness and for better maternal healthcare and education. I’ve donated thousands of dollars to various charitable organizations, some of which were recommended by you. I know you want to know, you’re curious, you’ve been reading along for years and have been invested in the well being of my family.

The first time I featured them in 2012 I encouraged you to listen to “Nonesuch” off of their first album, and this song remains my favorite song of theirs.

I believe Jesse’s sister saw that I had written about them and alerted him that the mom blogger had promoted their stuff. There’s this old hag in Utah who exploits her kids for cash and she talked about your music. I’d already found them on twitter, and after Jesse saw my post the Tanlines twitter account followed me back.

I initially typed “lived with a man who” but went back and changed it because I remembered that while he did move his stuff in, he moved it out again in the middle of the night while I was sleeping because “shit got too real” and he was convinced that I was trying to steal his favorite lamp. He had to have really screwed the pooch on this one. People who hate her are legion and they are all salivating over her suffering.

I’ve given away money, game consoles, cameras, and subscriptions.Because your desire to know all the ins and outs has left you little patience for me.Posting around here is lighter than it normally is.There are a couple of interesting stories that have ensued because of this and I never got the chance to write about them, but we do talk about them this in this episode.

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We also talk about what it’s like to try to understand and define your identity once you have kids, how it changes and adjusts your focus, and what that means for a musician in a rapidly shifting industry.

You want to know about all these projects and meetings I allude to. So: meetings with my accountant, various lawyers, business managers, and gatherings for the local non profit on which I serve as a board member.

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