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We make bad decisions when we're young and often stay [in relationships] for the wrong reasons; the one thing I found for myself, personally, is that I kept making better decisions and better decisions." So once Johnny met Greg, they didn't feel they needed to wait very long to make it legal.

"The way I describe it," Louganis said, "It's not like I'm trying to get know Johnny; I recognize him.

The garnet and opal stones they found were fashioned into a unique setting by Malibu-based artisan Bill Wall Leather.

"He's a biker, and he's an artist who does jewelry," Louganis said.

s/; born January 29, 1960) is an American Olympic diver and author who won gold medals at the 19 Olympic Games on both the springboard and platform. Olympic Hall of Fame in 1985; Inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 1993; Winner of the AAU's James E. Kane Award in 1994.1976 - Olympic silver medalist, 10m platform (16 years old) 1984 - Olympic gold medalist, 3m springboard 1984 - Olympic gold medalist, 10m platform (first in 56 years to win both events) 1988 - Olympic gold medalist, 3m springboard 1988 - Olympic gold medalist, 10m platform (only male to win 4 gold medals in consecutive Games).

In World Championships, he was outstanding, he earned 5 gold medals.

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We have gorgeous rings." And they'll forever remind them of their time spent in Australia together, added Chaillot. "People get married every day and take all those rights for granted. We were so thrilled that the Supreme Court was on the right side of history, and now we get to enjoy what people take for granted every day: hospital rights, legal rights, and all the benefits that come with legal marriage.

Describing the relationship as abusive, he stated that Babbitt raped him in Two years later, he spoke publicly for the first time about being gay and HIV-positive in an interview with Barbara Walters. Gregory's Twitter Soon after the ceremony, Greg expressed his happiness with PEOPLE magazine stating that he was grateful that everyone from his life was there to attend his memorable moment.