Who is janet street porter dating

25-Oct-2019 21:54

I absolutely, never mind Wimbledon, I live on the tennis court. During a recent appearance on Loose Women, Janet bravely discussed her past experience with sexual assault.

The much-loved commentator explained: "When I was starting my career in journalism, way back, I had something happen to me, I've set it in the back of my mind as a really bad dream.

The TV personality has also appeared on QI, Question Time and Have I Got News For You.

Janet revealed on 4 July that she is taking a break from Loose Women to have surgery.

Her last, brief marriage, to David Sorkin, a salesman 22 years her junior, took place at 3.30am in Las Vegas.

The talented writer became the deputy fashion editor of the Daily Mail in 1969 and fashion editor of the Evening Standard two years later.

Janet has also worked for LBC local radio station, Sell Out and the Independent on Sunday.

“A year ago I was supposed to have this operation but I like doing this show and I didn’t want to take time off.

I’ve only ever had a serious operation once which was when I broke my leg climbing in the Highlands.

"Without any warning, he went for me and he could not understand that I would not have sex with him, whatever I said it was not getting through." Janet added how she froze as the man lunged at her, as her brain tried to process what was happening.