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31-Mar-2020 06:40

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So it turns out that Atomic Kitten recently welcomed a new member, and it's none other than Liberty X's Michelle Heaton.

We're not entirely sure why original member Liz Mc Clarnon wasn't there, but Kerry Katona has reassured fans that Michelle's brief venture into Kittenhood was with Liz's blessing.

Take a look at the trailer here…Friends Krish and Lee get fired from their call centre jobs and after spending all their money in a crazy month of partying, they have no money to pay to Olu, their landlord.

Olu gives the boys 48 hours to pay their rent or else ‘things will get biblical’.

The Atomic Kitten singer was due to join her bandmates for a spot on British show... The 'Whole Again' hitmakers - who are set to hit the road next year to celebrate the group's 15th anniversary - have revealed that members Natasha Hamilton,...

Kerry Katona is looking forward to getting drunk at Christmas.

The Atomic Kitten star suffers from an overwhelming...

Atomic Kitten stars Kerry Katona and Liz Mcclarnon pulled out of an interview on a U. Tv show at the last minute on Thursday morning (28Mar13) after falling ill. British pop star Liz Mcclarnon became embroiled in a fist-fight with her former Atomic Kitten bandmate Kerry Katona during the band's heyday over her relationship with Brian Mcfadden.

British pop star Liz Mcclarnon sat out a Tv interview on Thursday (12Feb15) after falling sick with a viral infection.Posting a photo of the latest line-up on Twitter, Kerry wrote: "Just about to hit the stage with atomickitten! Kerry Katona wants her daughters to form a girl group.The band's 2000 hit has become an unlikely chant for fans to cheer on the Three Lions - who...

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Kerry Katona wants Atomic Kitten to get back together.Ahead of its UK release next month, a trailer has arrived online for the British comedy Gangsters, Gamblers and Geezers, starring Richard Blackwood, Liz Mc Clarnon and Jodie Marsh.