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I discovered strengths and weaknesses about myself during my time here that I will carry with me for the rest of my life personally, and professionally.Everyone in the cast is so talented and creative, it was a blessing to be in this environment as a young actress.That still haunts me, kind of, in my nightmares, but it was worth it, it was fun.It was totally out of everyone's comfort zone, but everyone did it, because Jay would have done it.What can you say about seeing these massive breaks for the first time? Was there anything in particular that you took away from working with him?Was your training actually on these huge waves as well? I got to go to Santa Cruz and surf every day for six months. Leven Rambin: He's been in the business for so long, and he's so passionate and energized. He wasn't a surfer either, but he became so enraptured with the people, and it was so important to him to be truthful to the story and connect with these people. What would you like to say to those who didn't get to see this week?It's always something that's gnawing at me, 'I wish I was surfing, I wish I was surfing.' I just learned a lot about letting go, and being carefree. Leven Rambin: He is a very complex person, and I do not envy his position of being a very green actor and carrying a huge studio movie. I thought he really went full method with it, and he became this person who was so open, just these huge eyes that invite everyone in. People don't know that, because they don't know him, at all, because he's so new. I thought he did a great job, and I wish him luck in the future.

My lifelong best friend now lives there, and I never came back to L. I was really glad to work with him, and I would love to work with him again. The movie takes place over two days, and Miles Teller, who is fantastic, is in it. You also play Clarisse in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. She's kind of like a mean girl, but she has her reasons, and I think it's going to be really great. It's so inspiring to young people and old people alike, to really appreciate your life, and live your days like it's your last, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. It's just really heartfelt and I think it's a good message to send out there. Actress Leven Rambin had a rather huge year in 2012, with two major releases that hit theaters.She portrayed the District 1 tribute Glimmer in the spring blockbuster The Hunger Games, and starred as Kim, the love interest of Jonny Weston's Jay Moriarty in . I read that you weren't an avid surfer before taking on the role. Posted on March 9th, 2009 by hadley Dearest SCC viewers/fans/haters, it’s yours truly, Leven Rambin.

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with her mother in January of 2004 and went on countless auditions including a trip to Canada to screen test for the movie "Elektra".Leven Rambin: We were all going in one direction, and then all of the sudden, it was different. It was a hard transition, because we were all so in love with what we were already doing.