Why is clonidine sedating

29-Mar-2020 15:57

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This includes frequent communication and explanation to the patient by all staff directly involved in their care, both nursing and medical, and relatives.Physiotherapy plays an important role as prolonged immobility may be painful and this can be reduced by daily assessment and treatment.Many of the currently used agents have specific drawbacks that limit their practical utility along the full spectrum of patients and clinical situations that intensivists face every day.The discovery that clonidine has an opioid sparing property and attenuated withdrawal symptoms, sparked further interest in the use of alpha - 2 (α2) agonists as intravenous (IV) sedatives.Pain is a common problem and may be worsened by invasive and unpleasant procedures.

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Propofol is extensively used in the intensive care setting as a sedative.The modern ICU ventilator is equipped with a wide range of ventilatory modes and, with the addition of electronic flow triggering, synchronization problems have largely disappeared.The replacement of an endotracheal tube by a tracheostomy reduces the discomfort associated with an artificial airway and may often remove the need for sedation entirely.It plays a pivotal role in the care of the critically ill patient, and encompasses a wide spectrum of symptom control that will vary between patients, and among individuals throughout the course of their illnesses.

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Heavy sedation in critical care to facilitate endotracheal tube tolerance and ventilator synchronization, often with neuromuscular blocking agents, was routine until relatively recently.

How much sedation is given, and for how long, is important in determining patient outcome as both over and under-sedation can have potentially deleterious consequences.

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