Will updating itunes delete my songs

15-Aug-2020 13:53

will updating itunes delete my songs-41

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Absolutely, you also can add songs from computer to i Pod with rating, playlists and play counts, and you won’t lose any previous music on your device.

This is because the contents of the i Pod, i Phone, or i Pad correspond to audio files added to the i Tunes music library on the first computer it is ever connected to.You know that you can easily sync music from computer to i Pod or i Pod touch with i Tunes, while it is hard to remove songs from i Pod, especially if you are working with an old i Pod like i Pod Nano, i Pod shuffle and i Pod Classic.For i Pod touch users, you can delete one or two songs from your i Device with ease, but what if you want to remove a lot of unwanted songs?This folder is created the first time i Tunes is run on a computer.

Be sure to overwrite the default version of this folder with the backup you made.Delete Songs from i Pod and i Tunes Library Method 3.