Windows clients updating bind

19-Nov-2020 08:41

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Before your mail server sends an email, before your web browser displays a web page, there is a DNS lookup to resolve a DNS name to an IP address.

See this advice: Which version of BIND do I want to download and install? We also maintain a significant feature matrix and version history.

Instructions are available for Installing and Upgrading BIND 9.

Still, if it doesn't, here are 3 things to care about, so to enable this feature: Note that generally this is not considered a secure setting, and it could be hardened by using key-based authentication, which I won't cover here. I'm curious about the security aspect of this model.

These may be built with a different set of defaults than the standard BIND 9 distribution, and some of them add a version number of their own that does not map exactly to the BIND 9 version.