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08-Jun-2020 04:42

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The audio is substandard as compared to Deezer or You Tube. These were the usernames I used years ago when streaming was included.I also noticed there was a sub without any username or password.

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Well, my XM trial is supposed to be expired now - as of the 7th. I still have some Xm stations and I am still seeing XM updating. All I wanted to do was turn my old SC XM radio off, and my VUE and my sisters SKY on. Even with an MP3 player, when others go with, the collection isn't as good as just putting on classic rock or oldies station that everyone can listen too.I went to the website and went to the chat function and got them to set me up immediately. I changed work locations and now my daily commute is much shorter. I did the same thing last year and I have select until December at that rate. I called to see about adding streaming and got the most unhelpful woman on the face of the planet. The article we read said ALL NEW SELECT subscribers will get the streaming service, that means if you sign up right now you should get it.